Crestpointe Dental provides routine dental checkups and other preventative treatments that help maintain your family’s oral health. We have everything you need, including checkups, cleaning, fluoride, and sealants.

Dental Checkups and Teeth Cleaning

Regular dental checkups and teeth cleanings are essential to maintaining oral health at any age. Dr. Crescencia Tejero-Ugay provides thorough checkups and cleanings in a calm and friendly environment. We recommend a checkup and teeth cleaning every six months. This allows us to find potential dental issues in time to deliver the most effective treatment. Professional teeth cleaning is also vital in cavity and tooth decay prevention, as it eliminates plaque and tartar deposits.

Teeth cleaning at our office involves special tools and techniques that deliver far better results than simple brushing. While brushing and flossing are critical to maintaining oral hygiene at home, they don’t accomplish the same results as professional teeth cleaning.

You and your family can benefit from top-rated preventative family dentistry in Santa Clara. You’ll enjoy a calm environment and will have the opportunity to discuss any of your dental issues or concerns. Dr. Crescencia Tejero-Ugay is deeply committed to providing personalized care for all her valued patients.

Digital Imaging Technology

During a dental examination, X-rays are taken to provide an accurate look at what’s happening with your teeth and the surrounding bone. Crestpointe Dental uses the latest digital imaging technology to take accurate, high-resolution X-rays faster than ever before.

This greatly speeds up the process, as images are displayed immediately instead of needing to be developed. While conventional dental X-rays are safe, digital X-rays are even more advanced, with reduced radiation exposure.

Fluoride Treatment

You or your child can opt for a fluoride treatment during your routine checkup and teeth cleaning. This quick and straightforward treatment can greatly improve your cavity resistance for months at a time. The fluoride remineralizes weakened enamel, making it more resistant to tooth decay.

Fluoride treatments are some of the most effective cavity prevention treatments and can help your family avoid dealing with troublesome cavities and fillings. We provide these treatments to deliver the best family dentistry in Santa Clara, Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Campbell, Mountain View, and San Jose.

Dental Sealants

Do you want to do everything possible to protect your child from cavities? Dental sealants are among the most effective options for doing just that. They form a protective seal over your child’s molars to drastically reduce the risk of cavities and tooth decay for years at a time.

Dental sealants take just minutes to apply. A thin layer of resin is applied to the top surface of the molars and then cured with a UV light. Because only the back teeth are sealed, your child won’t notice any difference in their teeth. The sealants protect the chewing surface of the molars, where cavities are common.

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Staying on top of your family’s oral health is incredibly important and will have a lifelong impact. You can take a proactive approach to oral health by scheduling routine checkups with Dr. Crescencia Tejero-Ugay, a top-reviewed dentist in Santa Clara.

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