Emergency Dentistry in Santa Clara

Dental emergencies can strike at any time. Crestpointe Dental in Santa Clara provides emergency dentistry treatments to resolve urgent issues and provide patients with the best possible results.

Emergency Dental Treatment

While proactive care and planning can deal with many dental issues, sometimes emergencies strike unexpectedly. When this happens, you need reliable dental care fast. Crestpointe Dental can help you with dental emergencies, providing the necessary treatment to handle pain and save teeth whenever possible.


A toothache is always a good reason to schedule an appointment to find out what’s wrong. Your teeth don’t hurt without reason, and finding that reason as soon as possible can ensure you get the most effective treatment.

If a serious toothache goes away, it can often be a sign that things have gotten worse, not better, as the nerve tissue may have died. Don’t hesitate to call Crestpointe Dental about any toothache.

Chipped Teeth

A chipped tooth can often be fully repaired if action is taken quickly. When an accident or other physical damage chips off a piece of your tooth, there are several options to restore the damaged piece, including tooth-colored composite filling material.

Keep the broken-off piece if you have it, as there is a good chance it can be reapplied. A root canal or even a tooth extraction may be necessary for serious physical damage.

Broken Crowns

Dental crowns and bridges are durable and long-lasting but can be susceptible to sudden forces. If your crown or bridge breaks or comes off, you should immediately visit Crestpointe Dental to deal with the situation.

In many cases, we can reapply or repair the broken crown. A crown that has come off will require a temporary replacement crown to protect the remaining tooth underneath.


Cavities are typically discovered during routine checkups but can suddenly become painful and sensitive if left undiscovered. You can quickly schedule a filling to resolve the issue and relieve the pain when this happens.


Whether through infection, decay, or physical damage, sometimes a tooth can become so damaged that extraction is the only viable option. Dr. Crescencia Tejero-Ugay will ensure that every treatment option is considered and provide emergency extractions when needed.

Emergency Dentistry in Santa Clara

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency or serious symptoms, reach out to Crestpointe Dental immediately. We’ll see you as quickly as possible and let you know what you can do in the meantime.

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Staying on top of your family’s oral health is incredibly important and will have a lifelong impact. You can take a proactive approach to oral health by scheduling routine checkups with Dr. Crescencia Tejero-Ugay, a top-reviewed dentist in Santa Clara.

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