Teeth Whitening

In need of a brighter smile? At-home teeth whitening from Crestpointe Dental can deliver excellent results in just one week, leaving you with a noticeably whiter smile.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

If you’re not satisfied with the brightness of your smile, Crestpointe Dental can provide you with safe and effective professional at-home whitening kits. This treatment option delivers better results than over-the-counter options like whitening toothpaste and strips.

We provide patients with the Pola Night whitening system, an easy-to-use treatment option that can quickly provide a noticeably whiter smile. The special whitening agent is placed in custom-made trays that fit the unique contours of your smile.

Simply apply the trays to your teeth for between 30 and 60 minutes each day for seven days. After your treatment, your teeth will be visible whiter, and you’ll be able to enjoy the confidence that comes with a bright smile.

When you visit Crestpointe Dental, we’ll use the latest digital imaging technology to ensure that your whitening trays are a perfect fit. The custom trays come from a lab that uses digital imaging to generate the perfect profile for your teeth, providing a much better fit than generic trays used in other treatments.

The great fit ensures both comfort and results. With the right contours to fit your teeth, the trays maintain maximal contact and coverage of the whitening agent. That way, you get reliable and consistent results from this fantastic whitening treatment.

How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

This type of at-home treatment is very affordable. For the results it delivers, this treatment delivers the best value. Instead of repeatedly purchasing numerous whitening strips and toothpaste, professional at-home whitening has the strength to deliver great results in just one week.

This type of teeth whitening is incredibly effective but isn’t permanent. You can make the most of your results by avoiding coffee, wine, smoking, and other factors that can prematurely stain your teeth.

Teeth Whitening in Santa Clara

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Crescencia Tejero-Ugay to discuss your dental concerns and determine which cosmetic dentistry treatments could be right for you. Crestpointe Dental provides a wide range of treatment options, and at-home whitening could be just what you need to brighten your smile and achieve greater self-confidence.

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Staying on top of your family’s oral health is incredibly important and will have a lifelong impact. You can take a proactive approach to oral health by scheduling routine checkups with Dr. Crescencia Tejero-Ugay, a top-reviewed dentist in Santa Clara.

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